"I didn't realize how much I'd learned... until I put it all in one place."~ Bill Harris

May I give you access to the people, ideas, and resources that have so deeply changed my life?

With this help, you, too, can experience...

  • Tremendous personal and financial success
  • Robust energy and radiant health
  • Life-enhancing spiritual insights
  • Enhanced mental abilities
  • Rock-solid confidence
  • A life purpose that helps others

Monday morning, 8:12 am, Beaverton, Oregon

Dear Centerpointe Friend and Fellow Seeker:

First of all, this is an exclusive invitation. It isn’t for everyone – though I’m certain you'll benefit greatly.

To get right to the point, I want you to have access the results of my seeking over the last 50 years – but without all the time-consuming study and searching I went through.

And, at a ridiculously low cost anyone can afford.

  • I’ve spent 5 decades looking deeply into the areas I hoped would improve my life, studying what works and what doesn’t.

  • I’ve read thousands of books and scientific papers. I’ve sought out experts and shamelessly introduced myself. I’ve conducted interviews.

  • I subscribe to expensive, private, little-known newsletters on a wide-range of subjects. I’ve joined masterminds and other high-level groups (which are even more expensive than the newsletters!).

And, I’ve had the good fortune to know and learn from many of the top thinkers and visionaries on the planet over the last 40 years.

This learning – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – had been nothing short of invaluable in helping me create the life I had always wanted (but didn’t know how to create).

These are the resources I’ve used to improve my life – which made every moment of my search well worth the time and effort – and allowed my life to go from dismal to unbelievably wonderful.

Now, I want pass on to you what helped me make these changes in an easy-to-understand way – so you, too, can create the life you really want.

If you accept my personal and exclusive invitation, here’s what you can expect:

• A huge improvement in your mood and your outlook on life.

I used to be angry and bitter, full of resentments, repelling the very people I hoped would like and care about me. What I learned from the latest brain research, though, plus Holosync, took me from the most negative end of the mood spectrum…

...to the most positive.

What a life-changing difference!

You, too, can enjoy a huge improvement in your moment-to-moment mood and outlook on life.

• A dramatic improvement in your mental abilities.

As I followed the advice of brain researchers and cognitive psychologists, I became more creative. I had better ideas. I saw hidden patterns in the world (those that allow winners to succeed).

I made better decisions – which reduced the amount of self-induced problems I experienced.

And, helped me make a lot of money.

I also learned to drop into flow states (where everything falls into place and you know just what to do), and to be in charge of the part of my mind that creates my feelings, behaviors, and my experience of life.

You can do this, too. I had no advantages that you lack, other than the persistence to find this information, and the desire to improve myself.

• Dramatic improvements in your health and energy level.

As I met (and followed) the advice of health and diet experts, exercise physiologists, and age-reversal experts, my health improved. A lot.

I got rid of my aches and pains. I lost my allergy symptoms.

I also lost 40 “extra” pounds. I feel much more energy and more stamina. Now, though almost 70, I beat the 30-year-olds up the stairs.

Almost every day someone tells me that I look younger than the last time they saw me.

Yes, no matter what your health is like right now, you can do this, too.

• More confidence, persistence, and motivation.

As my mood, my mental abilities, and my health were improving, I found that I had more confidence, and more motivation. I found it easy to follow through, without using “willpower” or “self-discipline,” so I finished whatever I started. (Boy did that make a difference.)

This created a faith in myself that I can do anything I set my mind to (believe me, this is not the way I felt before). This faith is one of THE keys to creating the exact life you want.

The same thing can happen for you, too.

• Financial abundance – if that’s something you want.

These new abilities, confidence, motivation, and faith allowed me to make more money. In fact, a LOT more money. Somehow I was able to sense what other people needed and then create the ideas and follow-through to provide it. (Helping others get what they want is THE secret to making money, by the way.)

Again, this can, and will, happen to you. (I’m just going to make it easier.)

• Extraordinary spiritual growth.

Over this period I had one astounding spiritual insight after another. I realized that my purpose is to help people, and I “found my place in the world”. I now feel a deep connection with people, including total strangers, and a deep connection to “the entire going-on-of-it-all.”

This, in fact, is without a doubt the greatest of the benefits I’ve experienced.

All of the above – probably much more – is also available to you. And the process of getting it can be enjoyable, fun, fascinating.

So, what is this information?

As Centerpointe has grown over the last 28 years, I’ve met an increasing number of highly successful, visionary, and in many cases absolutely brilliant people – such as:

  • Jack Canfield

    Co-author of the Chicken Soup

    for the Soul book series

  • Ken Wilber

    Author, philosopher,

    and founder of Integral Institute

  • Zen Master Genpo Roshi

    Who changed my entire life

  • Peter Diamandis

    Master entrepreneur

    and creator of the XPrize

  • Mary Morrissey

    Best-selling author and

    expert on dream building

  • Dr. Michael Merzenich

    "Grandfather" of brain plasticity

    and an icon in the field of brain research

  • Dr. Daniel Amen

    Brain expert, mentor, and friend

  • Lisa Nichols

    The Breakthrough Specialist

    motivational speaker and coach

  • Dr. Mark Hyman

    Functional medicine expert

  • Jonny Bowden

    Nutritionist and best-selling author

  • Dr. Al Siebert

    Resilience expert

  • Dr. John Gottman

    Relationship researcher

  • Bill Faloon

    Founder of Life Extension Foundation

  • Robert Danzig

    CEO of the Hearst newspaper chain

    for 30 years (one of my major mentors)

  • Brendon Burchard

    Success expert

  • Susan Peirce Thompson

    Creator of Bright Line Eating,

    author & motivational speaker

  • Dave Asprey

    Biohacking expert and creator of

    Bulletproof Coffee

  • David Eagleman

    Neuroscientist and author

…and scores of other real geniuses, research scientists, nutrition and exercise experts, financial geniuses, experts in the brain and emotional healing, and on and on:

  • I’ve learned how to enhance the brain and keep it from deteriorating as we get older

  • I’ve learned from exercise physiologists who work with Olympic athletes to discover…

...the most efficient and effective ways to exercise.

  • I’ve met “age-reversal” researchers who are finding ways not only to slow aging, but to actually reverse it

  • I’ve met scientists who are discovering the best ways to eat in order to function at the highest level, slow aging, and…

...be much healthier (I, for instance, haven’t had a cold for nearly 20 years).

  • I’ve learned from relationship experts, learning experts, parenting experts, success experts, and stress experts – and experts in many other important areas I know you want to improve

And when I meet such people, I’m a sponge. Now I want you to benefit from what I’ve learned.

Trust me about this:

There’s a vast difference between what the “in the know” people (and those who have access to them) know and what the average person knows.

This information has completely transformed my life. And, lately, I’ve had a super-strong urge…

...to transfer it to you.

And please don’t be concerned that this information will be difficult to understand. One of my talents is to explain seemingly complex ideas…

…in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

So, how can you get this information?

To make it easy for you to access all of this important information (much more than I have room to describe, in fact), I’ve created something completely new...

The Holosync® Brain Club

Before I outline everything your membership offers, please consider this extremely important point:

Though you certainly may want to absorb everything I’m offering you, there’s a LOT of it. Please don’t feel that in order to benefit you have to consume it all.

I became wildly successful after learning only about 15% of what I’m about to offer you. Engaging with even a small portion of this information will dramatically change your life.

Then, you can enjoy the rest, at your leisure, as you feel like it, which will further enhance your life, just as it has mine.

Please treat this as if your rich uncle left you a chain of ice cream stores. Instead of feeling obligated to eat all the ice cream as fast as possible (until you’re sick of ice cream)...

...just eat a little each day, knowing that it will always be there.

Use what attracts you right now. Then, if and when the rest attracts you, it will be there for you to enjoy and use to improve your life.

So, with that in mind, here’s what your Holosync Brain Club membership offers:

Monthly Interactive “Success Calls” with Bill Harris (me)

First, you’ll get direct, personal access to me through a monthly coaching call. I’ll share whatever strikes my fancy, but (as you might gather from what I’ve already said) what strikes my fancy is usually…

…pretty interesting and valuable.

  • What am I reading? What new ideas have I been thinking?

  • What new and effective personal growth programs or devices have I recently found?

  • Which conferences have I attended, or which scientists have I interviewed or chatted with, and what did I learn? What new research have I heard about?

  • What new diet, nutrition, exercise, brain health, emotional healing, or stress reduction “biohacks” have I learned?

  • What new financial or economic information have I learned that might be helpful to you?

  • What high-level groups I’m a part of and what am I learning at those meetings?

As I discover ways to help improve the way I navigate my own life, or ways to make a significant difference in the world, I’ll let you and other Holosync Brain Club members in on it…

…just as I do with my closest friends.

And, you can ask me questions on these calls, which will allow us to have great conversations.

These coaching calls alone are worth at least $800.00 per year (probably more). And if you can’t make one of the calls, you’ll have access to the recordings inside the Holosync Brain Club section of our cool new Centerpointe member portal.

Two $2,000.00 tickets to our yearly “Better Brain, Better Life” Live Event FREE

Second, you’ll be invited to attend our annual “Better Brain, Better Life” Live Event, which Holosync Brain Club members will attend FOR FREE. These events will also be available to other Holosync users, but they’ll have to pay the going rate…

...which will be in the neighborhood of $2,000.00.

You, though, as a member of the Holosync Brain Club, will attend free, as my guest (in fact, we’ll have a special, exclusive “Brain Club members only” reception at these events, where we can mingle, trade ideas, and get to know each other better).

What? You don’t want to come by yourself? I understand. That’s why we’ll give you an additional free ticket, so you can bring a spouse or guest.

…and other topics that will further increase your ability to live a great life.

Plus you’ll meet other people at these events who, just like you, are on a quest to create the best possible life – and many of these people will likely turn out to be lifelong friends.

These live events are going to be absolutely amazing, I promise. They are, by themselves, worth many times the cost of your membership.

Holosync Brain Club Book Circle

Third, you’ll automatically become a member of the Brain Club Book Circle.

I come across many amazing books, about all kinds of subjects, and I thought it would be cool if we had a member group where we could read and discuss some of my favorite selections.

Of course you can also just read the books on your own, but the discussions will a) create more motivation to actually read the books, and b) help you get much more value from them, and c) allow yet another opportunity to get to know other members.

And I promise to pick some amazing, life-changing books.

Exclusive Members Networking Group

Fourth, you’ll also become a member of an exclusive and private Holosync Brain Club insider networking group in our new Centerpointe member portal, so you can chat, share ideas, and connect with other club members…

...and receive important updates on your membership resources and benefits.

Significant Savings on Holosync, Centerpointe Courses, and other products!

Fifth, at your one-year anniversary as a Holosync Brain Club member, you’ll begin receiving a 10% discount on…

...all Centerpointe programs and products!

How does that sound? And you’ll get that “everything” discount as long as you remain a Holosync Brain Club member in good standing.

Weekly "Brain Inspiration" Videos and Audios

Sixth, every week I’ll post a short video (also in audio and PDF format) designed to inspire you, educate you, or introduce you to a key idea that, when implemented, could completely change your life.

“Eligible” Brain Inspiration topics must be practical, actionable and life-changing. Topics might include:

  • Thoughts on how to make a difference in the world

  • Gaining control of how you feel and behave

  • Gaining choice about many things you’re now (unsuccessfully) creating on autopilot

  • Developing the personal qualities you need in order to succeed

  • Better (and easier) ways to manage your time and resources

  • And many other topics that I promise will stimulate and inspire you.

And, you’ll have unlimited and continuing access to this growing library of videos inside the Holosync Brain Club section of Centerpointe’s new member portal.

We’re valuing these weekly audios at $299 per year (just $5.75 per audio, though worth much more), but they’re yours FREE when you become a Holosync Brain Club member.

The Holosync Brain Club Resource Vault

Finally, I have a mountain of great knowledge and information products we’ll give you immediately, just moments after you become a Holosync Brain Club member. We’re going to open our Holosync Brain Club Vault and make…

…a ton of great content available to you for free.

For instance, I have a constantly growing series of interviews called The World’s Greatest Teachers, and you’ll have access to all of them, free. There are at least 30 of them right now, and I am adding more. Other people have paid $59 each for these interviews, so these interviews alone are worth over $1500.00.

These interviews are with people like:

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield

  • Star of the hit movie The Secret, bestselling author, public speaker and television personality Lisa Nichols

  • Resilience expert and bestselling author Dr. Al Siebert

  • Relationship experts and bestselling authors Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks

  • Byron Katie, bestselling author of The Work and other books

  • Neuroplasticity expert and professor at both University of Toronto and Columbia University, and bestselling author of The Brain that Changes Itself, Dr. Norman Doidge

  • And 24 more (so far), including experts on the newest research on diet, exercise, resilience, brain health, emotional healing, leadership, financial success, and many other topics.

You’ll also get access to recordings – some on video, some audio – of many presentations I’ve made over the years.

Just as one example:

You’ll get a recording of a multi-hour appearance I made in the main ballroom of the New York Crown Plaza Hotel in New York City in front of about 600 people on the same day I addressed the United Nations Values Caucus (in fact, we also have a recording of that multi-hour presentation, too).

You’ll also get hours of my talks at Centerpointe Retreats, my guest presentations at the events of many well-know personal growth teachers, and lots more.

I like to think of the Holosync Brain Club Resource Vault as the brain equivalent of Scrooge McDuck joyfully swimming in his money – except you’ll be swimming in…

…valuable, inspiring, entertaining, and life-changing information.

You’re probably assuming all of this will be pretty expensive, right?

(Not at all. I’ve made this amazingly affordable.)

Let’s review the yearly value you’ll get:

Monthly Live Interactive Coaching Calls with Bill Harris $800.00/yr
2 FREE Tickets to Holosync Better Brain, Better Life Live Event $2,000.00/yr
FREE exclusive Holosync Brain Club Member's Reception at the Holosync Better Brain, Better Life Live Event $250.00/yr
Brain Club Book Circle $67.00/yr
Brain Club Insider Networking Group $199.00/yr
10% savings on all Centerpointe products Unlimited!
Holosync Brain Club Resource Vault $3,000.00/yr
Weekly Brain Inspiration Audios, Videos, and PDFs $299.00/yr
No price increase, ever! (value assumes a possible $30/mo price increase) $335.00/yr
Total Yearly Value $6,950.00+/yr

That’s a whopping $579.17 of value per month (plus the 10% savings on all Centerpointe programs and products beginning on your one-year anniversary).

Actually, though, the more you use the Holosync Brain Club resources, the more value you’ll receive. Quite frankly, $6,950.00 is probably a low estimate of the actual yearly dollar value (about $579.17 per month).

You won’t pay that much, though. Not even close.

$289.00 per month would be half that price...but after thinking it over, I’ve decided not to ask that much, either.

So here's my offer:

• Right now, you can have a Gold Membership in The Holosync Brain Club for just $67 per month.

That’s just 1% of the yearly value we just calculated!

• The Silver Membership is only $57 per month. Here’s a comparison of the two membership plans:

Benefits $57 $67
Live monthly Interactive Coaching Call and Q&A with Bill Harris.
2 FREE tickets to our annual Better Brain, Better Life Annual Live event
Invitation to a private VIP Member’s Reception at the Better Brain, Better Life events
Access to Holosync Brain Club Insider Networking Group
Brain Club Book Circle
Weekly Brain Inspiration Audios
A 10% discount of all Centerpointe products at your one-year anniversary

Access to Holosync Brain Club Resource Vault:

- Many interviews with famous experts (with transcripts)

- Video or audio of Bill’s best talks and workshops (with transcripts)

- Presentations on many topics (with workbooks)

- New content will be added monthly


Hesitating? Then please ask yourself:

What’s the cost of NOT joining the Holosync Brain Club?

What will it cost you to not make these changes to your health and vitality, your mood, your longevity, your ability to be financially independent, your mental abilities, and your spiritual growth?

What will it cost you to wake up one year from now and realize that you’re life is substantially the same…

...when it could have been dramatically better?

The best thing I ever did with this information was to jump in and go for it, and use it to change my life.

It worked for me, and it will for you, too. If you act. Please, be a winner. Go for it. I want you to wake up one year from now…

...a new, different, and better person, with an easier life.

And, if you join now, you’ll be grandfathered in at this low price, forever– even if we have to raise the cost for new members.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any time you decide you don’t want to continue, just let us know and we’ll end your membership immediately and stop charging your credit card.

If you’ve paid for a year in advance, we’ll even give you a pro-rata refund for any unused months on your membership. What could be fairer than that?

I’m betting, though, that you’ll receive so much value (and those discounts on Centerpointe products and programs) that…

...you’ll never want to leave!

Membership is Limited

One more thing: I want every member to have a fantastic experience, and if the club gets too big it will be more difficult to make sure that happens.

For that reason, right now I can only accommodate 100 new members. Later, I might open up additional membership spots.

I can’t promise, however, that these additional members will get the same low introductory cost.

“First Come, First Served”

Once we reach 100 members, we’ll be glad to put you on a waiting list, and if a space opens up, or we decide to increase the number of members, we’ll contact you. Fair?

Please join now at this low discounted price...

If you’ve already decided that you want to become a member of this exclusive group (after all, there’s no risk), just click the button below, and fill in your details, including whether you want the Silver or the Gold membership.

So that’s it. If you want the insider information about all the most essential “things that matter” in your life:

• Your Brain

• Exercise and Fitness

• Your Finances

• Clearer Thinking

• Emotional Intelligence

• Health and Longevity

• Relationship Skills

• Lowering your Stress Level

• Improved Mental Abilities

• Making More Money

...join the Holosync Brain Club!

Welcome to the Club! We’ll be together soon, and often, from now on. I can’t wait to get your feedback!

Be well,