Win the Battle of the Earbuds (Finally)!

Introducing a nifty little gadget that boosts your "sound experience."

We like to call them "Fitphones" because you can use them for any form of meditation, entertainment or exercise that "fits" you.

  • Speakers tucked into a soft headband
  • Adjusts to fit comfortably over your ears
  • Removable speakers (for ease of washing)
  • Allows ambient noise to filter in (for safety)
  • Keep hair and sweat out of your face
  • Snug, wicking, sporty headband
  • Finally ends the battle of the earbuds
  • One size fits most




plus S&H

$6 domestic

$12 international

Secure Payment.

Whether you're meditating, streaming movies, practicing yoga, or running a marathon...
...take the sound with you.
And keep it with you.