For anyone who wants to skip 10-15 years of 'learning on the job'...

Well-known multi-millionaire shares 
his Secrets to Success (and for a small fraction of what others have paid)…

“I’ll teach you everything you need to know to become a success at anything.”
—Bill Harris

Learn all the inside secrets from a super-successful teacher—who wants to make sure you succeed…

Dear friend,

As a friend of Centerpointe Research Institute, I’d like to give you access to Bill Harris' $1,497.00 video-based course, Secrets to Success and Making Money in Good Times or Bad

…for a TINY fraction of what others have paid.

This course contains everything Bill wished he’d known when he was first starting out. He learned all of this the hard way, over several decades—but you don’t need to.

You can learn from Bill's experience, and save yourself years of struggle.

And don’t worry. This isn’t a masterly sales pitch to get you to pay a lot of money for something. It’s mostly a gift to you because of your relationship with Centerpointe—and because this is a part of Bill's legacy and his desire to give back to the worldthe cost is ridiculously low.

Take if from me, this course is…

...the most comprehensive explanation of how to succeed (at anything) I've ever seen.

Why should you listen to Bill?

First of all, Bill studied success—and taught it—for over 35 years. He knew an incredible amount about success, most of it from personal experience, multiple stumbles and setbacks, and a lot of trial and error.

If you’re hungry to learn from the experience of someone who has been super-successful—in many areas—and apply it to what you want to do (while saving years of trial and error mistakes)…

...Bill can show you exactly
how to do that.

Bill was constantly asked how—starting from nothing (literally on his kitchen table) with no special advantages—he was able to:

  • Spread his product, Holosync® audio technology, to 193 countries around the world...
  • Get over 2.2 million people (so far) to use and benefit from it...
  • Make over $145,000,000.00 (and counting)…
  • Convince a long list of top personal and spiritual growth teachers, therapists, and doctors to use and endorse his product…
  • Speak at the United Nations…
  • Share the stage with the Dalai Lama, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, and many other notables…
  • Become a Founding Member of Jack Canfield’s prestigious Transformational Leadership Council, and an Inaugural Member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute
  • Give millions to charities helping inner city kids and receive many awards for his philanthropy...
  • Build two schools in Africa…
  • Become a nationally recognized jazz musician…
  • And, enjoy many other successes—as a public speaker, seminar leader, author, musician, marketer, and investor…

Many business owners and entrepreneurs—including top people in the personal growth industry (names you would recognize)—sought Bill's advice nearly every day on money, marketing, and other business matters.

Bill knew how to get things done.  And, what’s more, he was famous for knowing how to teach it in a way that causes people to say

“Ah-ha! I get it!”

However, Bill would always say...

"There’s nothing special about me, and nothing I’ve done that you can’t do, too—if you want to and if you’re willing to pay the price to be successful (which actually can be a fun price to pay)."

So let’s start right now…

May I share with you Bill's real secret to success?

Here it is, in a nutshell:

“For any outcome you want, there’s a certain way of thinking and acting that will get it for you.”

You just have to find that way of thinking
and acting—and be willing to adopt it.

That’s what Bill will teach you in this course. (Please—read it again. Think about it for a few moments. Let it sink in.)

That first secret to success, though, involves quite a lot—as you’ll see for yourself when you dive into The Secrets to Success and Making Money in Good Times or Bad.

Success, though, is much more than making money!

  • Success, as Bill meant it, is much more than money… or fame... or having a business... or becoming excellent at something.
  • Success is about having a labor of love that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning to work on it… sharing your blessings with others…having friends you care about, and who care about you… and being happy and at peace with yourself.

Yes, financial security is important…

…but there are many other equally important aspects to success.

Bill discusses this balanced approach to success in detail in the course.

One more thing, and it’s quite important:

You don’t have to have huge, ambitious plans to benefit from this course.

If you want to be rich, or famous, or have a huge business, or solve world problems, that’s great.

If that’s what you want, Bill will show you how to be unstoppable.

But what you’ll learn is equally valuable for anything you want to do, be, or have…

…big or small.

Success is about creating a happy, satisfying life doing what you want to do. Whatever that is, for you, Bill will show you how to get from where you are…to where you want to be.

Because so many have people asked, Bill put everything he learned over the last 35+ years into an entertaining, informative (and quite comprehensive) video course.

This is just one of many ways of expressing his gratitude for all the blessings he received in his life. 

To help you decide whether you want to learn from Bill, let me tell you his story…and how he came to the wisdom, knowledge, and principles he shares in this course:

Bill told me many times that he grew up quite unhappy. He was an angry person (and when he wasn’t angry, he was often depressed). He drove many people away and burned many bridges.

Though he was extremely intelligent, he had almost no emotional intelligence (and a lack of results to prove it).

Though he’d read many books and taken many courses about “how to be a success”, he described himself as "one of the least successful people you could ever meet." He had no passion, no ideas, no work ethic…

…He had nothing going on.

One day, a few months before his 40th birthday, he woke up with a sinking feeling in his stomach, and a somewhat frantic thought:

“What happened? How did I get myself into this situation? I’m almost 40. I have no career, no career prospects, and very little income.

“How did this happen? What am I going to do?”

He was unemployed, and essentially unemployable.

Amazingly, even though he’d read dozens of books about how to be successful…

…none of it made any
sense to him!

Though he didn’t understand why, at this point he suddenly had an idea (he later came to understand why—and once you're into the course he’ll show you how you can get your own idea, too).

And, as a matter of fact, Bill's idea didn’t even seem like a particularly great one at the time. If he was really lucky, he thought it might make him $30,000 a year.

There was something great about Bill's idea, though: He was passionate about it.

It got him jumping out of bed in the morning, eager to do something to make his idea a reality.

Gradually, in his passion to take action, other ideas came to him about what to do—and how to do it. Henoticed resources that had always been there—even though they were in plain sight, he’d never noticed them before.

People actually began to ask if they could help him (which he found unbelievable at the time). And, he began to feel an incredible amount of motivation.

…He tried new things! He took risks! He allowed himself to fail—and then try again!

Don’t get me wrong. Bill did NOT make a bee-line to success. He made a whopping $12,000 (before expenses) the first year, and just $48,000 the second year. (He wasn’t able to pay himself a single cent for over three years!)

He told me many times how he made a lot of mistakes and fell flat on his face over and over.

But—accidentally—he did what all successful people do:

He kept going.  He learned from what happened.  And he kept thinking about his idea and how to make it a reality.

He completely forgot to procrastinate, which had always been one of his favorite “strategies”.

Eventually, he learned something about running a business, and about marketing a product (he was considered one of the top marketers in the world, but that didn’t happen overnight) and finally…

…he began to make some money.

And, he began to gain respect! (It’s funny how when you aren’t creating results no one cares about your ideas—but once you have some success people think you’re brilliant and want to hear what you have to say.)

He was asked to speak. He was encouraged to write books. Publications wanted his articles. He was asked to join prestigious organizations.

​He was even asked to speak at the United Nations—and share the stage with the Dalai Lama and other well-respected people.

This process was not easy, and it wasn’t by any means instant.

It was hard work. Because it was a labor of love, though, he enjoyed it. It didn’t seem like work at all. (This, by the way, is what we all want for you.)

Finally—because Centerpointe customers kept asking—Bill found a way to share everything he'd learned with people like you who want to succeed, but aren’t sure how to do it.

In the process, he hoped to save you a lot of time and heartache.

It’s always easier to learn from other peoples’ mistakes rather than making them yourself.

Bill will tell you more of his personal story in the course itself—because most of the big ah-ha’s he had about success came from something that happened to him.

Right now, though, let’s talk about Secrets to Success and Making Money in Good Times or Bad—and what you’ll learn.

“Like visiting Bill in his living room…”

As you’ll see, the ambiance of this course is a lot like sitting down with Bill in his living room, where he talks in a relaxed and informal way about what it takes to be successful—at anything.

This course is personal and conversational—and it really does contain everything you need to know, whether your plans are big—or more modest.

No pie in the sky…no bullshit, just straight talk from a friend who knows the way.

Thank you Bill! This feels a bit like a casual conversation we are having & I like that approach. I already know I’m going to enjoy this process very much because the material is something I’m excited about getting into on a much deeper level.

Cheers, Michelle

Thank you for sharing your personal stories. I love the format of this course. It feels like you are sitting in my living room speaking directly to me. I have already had several ah ha moments and am very inspired and motivated to pursue my dreams! Thank you for offering this course! You are such an inspiration to me and I am so thankful to have this opportunity!!

Wendi Batten

If you want to understand how to succeed, if you want to make more money, or if you want to be truly excellent at something, this course is exactly what you need.

And if you’re already successful, I guarantee that what I’ll share will increase your success.

Finally, if you’re stuck and unsure about how to start, this series will… you years of trial and error and give you the confidence to get started (and keep going).

This is beautiful work, Bill. In your presentation, I recognized the decision-making process (backed up by confirmation, afterward, or reading books) of highly successful people I’ve encountered. You articulated the process more clearly than I’ve seen, yet. Thank you!

Ann Summers

Here’s what you get:

Secrets to Success consists of 32 powerful, easy-to-understand video lessons. For ease of listening, Bill tried not to make each lesson too long. And, because Bill believed rushing through the lessons would not increase results (in fact, he often said rushing would decrease results) he insisted that one new lesson be released each week. This gives you time to absorb the material and, more importantly, put it into practice in your life before learning the next Secret to Success. He included PDF notes about each lesson to help with this process.

Bill also added a more extensive "bonus" lesson about how to model success and excellence in others (why reinvent the wheel?).

This section on modeling excellence is based on the discoveries of top thought leaders as they modeled Olympic divers and Army sharpshooters—discovering what they did…

…inside and out.

In my opinion, this one lesson, by itself, is worth more than the $1,497.00 retail cost of the course (which you won’t have to pay).

Bill I am so glad that you made this course available. I live in the most vibrant city in the country and also work in an industry that has been at the base of this financial fiasco (mortgage/real estate). This course has had a major positive impact on me. You are real, and you encourage the qualities that we all seek. Thank you and bless you.

Jan Austin

Bill wanted this course to be a huge turning point in your life—nothing less. He wanted you to use this information to KICK ASS.

This Secrets to Success course really does tell you everything you need to know about:

  • How successful people think (and how to adopt their way of thinking so you can get the       same results)…
  • How successful people decide which actions to take…
  • How to figure out what you want (a huge roadblock for most people)…
  • How to get started even if you have no idea what to do…
  • How to get all the ideas you need…
  • How to get people to help you (boy does this make things easier)…
  • How to find all the resources you need…
  • The qualities you MUST develop if you want to succeed at anything (and
    how to actually adopt those qualities)…
  • A 6-step process for getting to the finish line that always works—if you follow
    it (so simple—and foolproof—you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it)…
  • How successful people make good decisions (this by itself will change your life)…
  • How to deal with failure and turn setbacks into opportunities (this is a huge
    key to success, because all successful people fail, over and over)…
  • What you need to believe in order to succeed…
  • A Magic Question that brings you the answer to anything you need to know…
  • How to be a success even in tough times (and why hard times might even
    make things easier)…
  • The secret to creating the motivation you need (so you can finally stop procrastinating)...
  • And a lot more, actually.

I’ll bet you can think of hundreds of reasons why you can’t succeed—or why you shouldn’t…

...take Bill up on his offer to help you.

Believe me, all these excuses have occurred to me, too, at one time or another.  Anyone, though, can think of reasons NOT to do something (and most people do).

Consider this, though:

If you could get all the ideas you need…find all the help you need…access all the resources you need…experience the passion and motivation you need…and you knew what do—and how to benefit from the inevitable setbacks that will happen…

…wouldn’t you just GO FOR IT?

And why not? What would stand in your way?

Nothing—unless you want to stand in your own way.

So, is there something at which you’d like to succeed?

  • Have you thought about having your own business?
  • Do you already have a business but want to make it better?
  • Do you have a talent you’d like to develop?
  • Do you have expertise you’d like to share?
  • Would you like to be a professional speaker, writer, musician,
    or become a professional in some other field?
  • Do you have a dream, but you don’t know what to do about it?
  • Do you want to make a difference in the world?

Even more important, would you like to be a success, but in a balanced, well-rounded way where financial security is only one of your goals?

You can, I promise, do all of this.

And, as I said, you don’t have to have world-shattering ambitions. Whether your aspirations are huge or more modest, this course was made for you.

I have no doubt that Secrets to Success and How to Make Money in Good Times or Bad will challenge you, delight you, motivate you, make you think, give you plenty of aha! moments, and perhaps…

…answer questions that have held you back (so far).

Once you’ve learned and adopted the way of thinking and acting that leads to success, the rest of the journey is actually pretty fun—not always easy, but definitely fun.

This course is perfect for you...

  • If you’d like to learn what Bill learned over 35+ years about success and making money…
  • If you’d like to have have a personal coach in your corner, anticipating your questions—as you become the happy, successful, and motivated person you’ve always wanted to be…
  • Or if you really want to go for it, but you need the nudge Bill will be giving you…

…just click below and in a matter of minutes you can be inside the Secrets to Success course portal, watching the first video and learning everything you need to know about how to succeed at anything you set your mind to.

I suspect at this point you’d like to ask: “Okay, what does this cost?”

The glib answer is “practically nothing” because I know that what you’ll gain will be so huge that what you’ll pay for the course will be the equivalent of buying a house for a dollar.

But I don’t want to be glib. So here’s the deal:

This is a $1,497.00 course. Its value, though, is thousands of times greater. This information made Bill, as nearly as he could calculate, about 97,000x more than $1,497.00.

But because of your special relationship with Centerpointe, I’ve agreed to provide the same unlimited lifetime access to this course—just as those who’ve paid full price—all for just $197.

That's a mere 13% of the regular cost—my gift to you.

And, in case I haven’t already fully convinced you that this course will deliver, I’ll add this special guarantee:

Listen to all the lessons. Try out what Bill suggests. If you don’t think the course is everything I’ve said it is, you have an entire year to ask for a refund.

Please don't sit on your butt and let this huge opportunity pass you by. 

Make a vow to yourself that you’ll listen to all the lessons (hopefully many times), follow the instructions, and do the homework Bill gives you. Do that (and keep going) and I know you’ll succeed.

If you've done this, and you still want a refund–anytime up to the 365th day–contact support, send us your homework for verification, and we'll cheerfully refund your money. 

What I really want, though, is for you to create the same success (or greater) than what I’ve been able to create…

…but that you get to it more quickly, and by a
much more direct route than the one Bill took.

So there’s no risk for you to dive in and DO IT. You can only benefit. And, we’ll help you every step of the way. If you’re ready, just click the “instant access” button and I’ll see you (immediately, if you’re ready) in the first video…

…where we’ll get started on this journey together.

C’mon. Just do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Success is a lot more fun than whatever you’re doing right now, I promise.


MaryEllen Tribby

Centerpointe CEO

P.S. See below for what hundreds of Bill's students have said about Secrets to Success.

​Why students LOVE Secrets to Success:

No words are enough to fully express my awe and my gratitude for all you are sharing with us, with me. THANK YOU BILL!

Ingrid Knauer

Thank you Bill, I wanted to thank you for creating this course and give me the opportunity to study and learn it. I am excited about it and I am going to listen to it many times in order to internalize it and learn to apply it to my life.

Rosanna Martella

Just the right delivery of the right kind of information at the right time. Thanks Bill ?

Cathy Helmuth

Thank you Bill for this and the Holysync. I’ve been reading this sort of material for over 30 years, including all the stuff with the secret and Esther and Jerry Hicks, and have never been ‘able’ to apply the information I’ve researched. Putting this into action will be the greatest success of my life. I consider myself to be well educated, self-employed, run the business efficiently, pay all the bills etc., but have yet to manage application of all the acquired information. Therefore, I really look forward to the part of the course where you implied we will learn application/action techniques! Thanks you so much, timing is everything! Peace

Shari Desjardins

Hi Bill—I love this lesson! It sparks with enthusiasm, wisdom—and fun! …Kind of like a healthy fizzy drink when your discipline has gotten the better of you, having left you too long with just flat water. I’m so excited to more consciously go the extra mile with my clients! Thank you. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to listen and learn your amazing lessons.


Thanks Bill. Just to let you know how much I’m enjoying this online course. You have clear, concise information which is easy to integrate. The length of each lesson is good because it gives the impression that these are valuable nuggets of wisdom.

Devi O'Donnell

Hi Bill – I didn’t feel especially passionate about anything (even though i thought I knew what came close to feeling like passion) – so to my great surprise and I have to say, to my great delight, I did this exercise and just realised what it was, and that I do have something I feel great passion for, and that it has been with me my whole life, but I didn’t think of it being a way I could motivate myself to earn money and create the life I dream about.

But it is exactly what will motivate me and make me do the work that needs to be done, the work I have been putting off for all of the reasons you give for us not achieving what we want. Thank you so much for this course – I bought Holosync 1.5 years ago, and just bought Level 3 cos it has helped me so much in reducing my debilitating anxiety and stress – and you just keep adding value to everything you do by generously giving me this course as well to remind me that I can have the life I want, and how to achieve that. I will do my best and take action, no matter how lame, and model others, such as yourself!

Desi Karalis

Bill I am so glad that you made this course available. I live in the most vibrant city in the country and also work in an industry that has been at the base of this financial fiasco (mortgage/real estate). This course has had a major positive impact on me. You are real, and you encourage the qualities that we all seek. Thank you and bless you.

Jan Austin

This course may be challenging, but I feel like there’s going to be major breakthroughs here. Thanks.


Bill, Many thanks for the opportunity to participate in the SSMM course, I have gone through Module 1 and it is my intention to peruse this again before moving on to Module 2. I have found to this point that the course is stimulating and immensely practical and, having previously done the LPIP Course, find that it all falls into place beautifully, and, certainly, to me anyway, it is of immense value.

At my age I probably won’t make a million dollars, then again, maybe I will!! — but one thing is certain,. I have taken positive action in other areas, following the principles already learned and reinforced by the lessons and have put them to very good and successful use. Thanks again for the opportunity of learning more and increasing the benefits I receive from Holysync and LPIP. I look forward to the remaining Modules Regards and best wishes

Allan Thompson, Victoria, Australia

Thank you Bill for sharing your wealth of insight and information with us. You’’re a great resource and teacher. Take care!

K.G. Stiles

OK, now I know you’re talking to ME. Your reasons for not taking action are spot on, and I’m embarrassed to say I’m guilty of all of them at one time or another. So I’ll be taking action to work on why I’m not taking any action. Thanks for laying out such a clear path.

Marc von Huene

Thanks Bill. It seems like such a obvious and easy thing to do, but really it isn’t either, which is a surprise. I’m also surprised by how easy and relatively effortless accomplishing whatever the question is asked about becomes once you start asking the right questions. “Why didn’t I think of this sooner!?”

Steve Sisk

I get it, I haven’t been willing to pay the price. Although I’ve taken action in the past, perhaps I’ve not been of the right mind. I am in the service industry, that’s all I do all day long is serve people. I’ve offered up the information I’ve learned and known it’s a necessity to be walking the talk in order for anyone to hear what’s being said, but it seems walking the talk has been elusive as maybe there just wasn’t enough sacrifice and action taken. Thank you once again Bill!

Shari Desjardins

Really appreciate the informal no hype delivery. Also like the fact that you emphasize that nothing will happen unless we take what you’re talking about and put it into action. I’m looking forward to future lessons on how we can make that less of a burden, although I suspect just the excitement about making worthwhile improvements to my life will be motivation enough.


Just the right delivery of the right kind of information at the right time. Thanks Bill ?

Cathy Helmuth

The clarity about “what” serving others really means is excellent. Thank you!

DJ Resnick

Bill, just finished Lesson One. Already like it – the grounding into folks who have come before us, ie, N. Hill. And, the connection to things we already know and experienced – Holosync meditation and other Centerpointe courses. Thanks much for your timing, focus and content.


Hi Bill, the introduction to the course is great, and I’m sure the rest of it is going to be even better. I’m looking forward to listening to the other modules. Thank you so much for your fantastic work!

Paola Vallerga

Before I started lesson 4, I went back to my list of beliefs about money and success. I found myself feeling like I hit a nerve- I felt tears coming, I noticed my beliefs are all over the place, and that my beliefs are different for me, than when I look at my husband(I am a nurse and we own a struggling business, that he runs ). Have you heard any other comments like that ­I know what I want my feelings to be about money and success and I see many examples of it, yet I know that there are many people who appear successful, that have gotten there by pure criminal behavior. and we have to deal in that environment. I live in New Jersey, if that gives a hint. I know you say that we can find many things to prove our beliefs…but when the town inspector asks for a bribe to pass you, when the union wants payoff money for work..UGHHHH Well that is why I am taking the course­-Thanks

Susan Del Orenzo

Thanks Bill = great lesson and has me thinking about how I can give more.

Lisa Olberding

THANK YOU!!!!! I have used the excuse for way too long that “I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grow up” and I realize I just never considered myself smart enough to do anything….lazy….self centered. I am so grateful for hearing you tonight.

Kana Overman

Hey Bill, your courses have really helped with my trumpet playing!!


Bill, as always great content, thoughtfully delivered. Thank You!!

Mark W.

I like this course. I especially like the no-nonsense talk. I think I will watch this several times. Good job Bill!

Kathleen Ananda

Thanks Bill. Your passion for what you’re teaching really comes through in your training.

KG Stiles

Hi Bill, you really are into something here. Thanks

Arvind Gopal

Hi Bill! Just to thank you for another “invaluable” course you created ! Just finished the introduction video and exited to start the first lesson. I am 37 now and so grateful to get involved with Holosync and LPIP 7 years before! Very exited and motivated to see where I will “be” in 7 years!

Vahagn Aristakesyan

What you say about persistence is very helpful, thanks Bill. I was encouraged not to give up on getting an interview re my latest book, and succeeded at last, with the best publication I could have aimed for.

Juliet Batten

Dear Bill, I am so inspired by your lessons, they are like a most wonderful wake up call to a great life that’s awaiting me. So many practical steps to take and so much awareness to spend on my thinking. This is so totally what I need right now! I can’t thank you enough, also for the Holosync and all that came with it!

Ingrid Knauer

Hey Bill, Will be 71 in Oct, looking to continue to reinvent myself for the future. This program along with the my journey with Holosync, just started Purification Level 2, will assist me in my continued growth. Thank you for sharing your personal path, especially the last years challenges. You are an inspiration to so many of us. Looking forward to completing this course. My goal is creating a legacy of love and giving. Thanks again for what you provide to this world.

Tim B.

Love this first Lesson, from bit of Napoleon Hill to Bill Harris!!! A good straight non woo woo talk about MONEY from Bill!! Very good!!


I’m amazed at how motivational these two talks have been: have just cleared my desk as I realized it didn’t look like the desk of a successful person. I really like the 12 riches of life and the broad definition of success. Can really relate to this, and look forward to the next lesson.

Juliet Batten

This is going to be a new beginning for me and taking this course gives me a new focus and reason to enjoy life. Thank you Bill for sharing your success with everyone. Can hardly wait for the next lesson.


Hi Bill, I am so excited. I am your age and I have been chasing the things you are talking about most of my adult life. I think I have finally found the avenue I have been looking for. Thank you so much. I can hardly wait for the next session.


Bill – What great stuff you are sharing with us! I’ve been a Holosync user for 10 years or so (am in Flowering level 1 at present) and took the Life Principles courses a few years ago, so some of this is review for me, but a really great reminder. Thanks! When I got to this section, I dusted off my old major definite purpose statement, which I had stopped using. I’ve rewritten it and to make it more accessible for reading, have made it the wallpaper on my computer. This way I have no excuse not to read it at least when I boot my computer in the morning and when I shut down at night. But it is my intention to read it each time I hibernate my computer to take a break, too. (In addition to printing out a copy for my bedside table. Thanks again for all the great work you do. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I did not have your CDs to improve my brain and my general world functioning.

R. McDowall

Alrighty time to go through it a second time. You provided some incredible content Bill. Thank you!


Thank you Bill. I started listening to your material (AP and LPIP shortly thereafter) in July 2012, and since that time the principles you teach and the changes that come along with Holosync use have become such an important part of my life it’s hard to imagine what life was like without it. Things weren’t even bad before; if you’d have asked me to rate my overall satisfaction with my life prior to finding Centerpointe I’d have probably said 7-8/10, but this information has created a shift that is both subtle and profound. I’d say it’s like I’m on a different scale all together. Everything I’ve gotten from Centerpointe has been worth 10X the cost associated (money, time, effort, etc.) I look forward to continuing to implement these principles more effectively as time goes on.

Steve Sisk

I feel my awakening, and it’s a great feeling ! No words are enough to fully express my awe and my gratitude for all you are sharing with us, with me. THANK YOU BILL!

Ingrid Knauer

Thank you Bill, I wanted to thank you for creating this course and give me the opportunity to study and learn it. I am excited about it and I am going to listen it many times in order to internalize it and learn to apply it to my life. I have that burning desire to help people heal, I have been doing it for years now, but I want to make it grow to a bigger scale. I have been listening to Holosync since 2005 and changed many things in my life, I want to go to the next level now and be able to achieve some of my goals and dreams that I haven’t been able to materialize yet.

Rosanna Martella

Bill, I like your down to earth honest approach. I resonate with the concept of benefit or solving a problem and I can see you’re the living example with Centerpointe.

Lynn Tokuda

Thank you for sharing your personal stories. I love the format of this course. It feels like you are sitting in my living room speaking directly to me. I have already had several ah ha moments and am very inspired and motivated to pursue my dreams! Thank you for offering this course! You are such an inspiration to me and I am so thankful to have this opportunity!!

Wendi Batten

This is full of fantastic information. Thank you. The talk about a person’s paradigm is so on the money. Changing the way we view things is the dynamic needed.


I have been working with personal development for about 30 years. I have made progress. The comment "its not enough to know about these things" resonates with me. I have friends with whom I spend more time talking about than doing. I am ready! Thanks Bill!

Tom Rosenak

Hi Bill. Finding the course very, very helpful. For some reason I get a lot more by watching first then listening the second time with my eyes closed. Serious illness has forced me to leave my career and see my finances deplete drastically but I now realize I have an opportunity to do what I would like to do (a business that is floundering) not what I have to do. Your lesson made me understand I have always undervalued my services and also need to focus on what more I can do to make my services valuable to others. If I am not making money my service is not good enough.

Shelley Troop

Love the comment, you make money to the extent you are of service to others.

Jayeson Vance

I am glad that you said “What happened before now does not matter.” It was freeing to me when I learned that psychologists showed that resolving your past is not needed to have a successful future. I believe that many people are stuck with the old paradigm that we have to clean up our pasts before we can be successful. I am getting old and I was worried: what if I can’t remember my past? Am I doomed to be a victim of it? I am so glad to hear you make that statement. We should have that above our doors as we go to work everyday.

Thanks for everything you do. Your talks are always enlightening and empowering.


Bill, this was the best explanation of manifestation that I’ve ever heard. Rarely is the importance of taking action explained so clearly, if at all. Thanks Bill! I love the lessons. I’m so anxious to implement all of the Steps.

Jackie Holl

If I had to pick a favorite lesson from the series, I think this would be it [The Magic Question]. Mastering this material alone would be worth the price of admission.

I’ve really enjoyed this video series. The overlap with LPIP material is reinforcing without being redundant. Hearing the material presented within a more specific context has been great for showing me what I already know and illustrating ways of applying the principles which I may have not yet considered. The notes are also excellent. I appreciate the thoroughness of the full transcripts that comes with the LPIP course, but these notes are a more user-friendly capsule summary of the key points that are great for repeated review sessions throughout the day. I have them posted to my desktop for easy access and as a reminder to look them over at daily intervals.

Steve Sisk

Hello Bill! First of all thank you for offering this FANTASTIC course for Holosync users.

Guillaume Maurice

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to participate in your course. It is great, Bill!


I should have started my original comment by saying THANK YOU! This has been really really valuable wisdom. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Thank you for taking the time to help us with our mindset. Thank you for this wonderful series. With that said. More please!


Hi Bill! Thanks for your new course. So far I really like it and how it is expounding on the ideas in the success solution section of the LPIP course. After that course, I increased my husbands and my annual income from our business by $50,000 in one year. I aim to double that. Holosync helps! I am so much more comfortable now in asking for money- charging what we are worth and gladly doing the work. I a, excited about your new course and aim to report back to you our new successes.

Jessica Colvin

Thank You Bill for today`s lesson; as always AMAZING!!! Thank You!!


Hmmm… no wonder I haven’t been able to figure out how to make money! Very insightful homework lesson for me

Nicole P.

I enjoyed listening to Success Basics so now am anticipating the next lesson. Thank you for this opportunity. I am wondering what a 70-year old retired woman will find to do to be successful. But I am eager to learn and certain that there are many things that I can do, if only I can think of them. I’m all for having the type of success you describe.

Rebecca McFadyen

Thanks for the opportunity to be here as I really appreciate any help I can receive to then become successful at creating value which can then help others to find their way to success and value creation as well. Looking forward to finding out just what it is that I can do to reduce my “almost” and “real close” shots to “on the money”. Ok then, have pen and paper, cup of Joe, let’s go, go, go!

Tim C. in Robbins, CA.

I am grateful for being in on the pilot program of this success course and appreciate the overview of the first lesson. Looking forward to learning, integrating and applying. Thank you.

Hugh Bromiley

Bill, you mentioned 2 things which struck a chord with me, your friend with all the broken bones, overcoming it and being happy and financially successful and, the necessity for our work/desire to be a labor of love. I have struggled greatly with both of these issues all of my adult life. I don`t think i would have been ready for this course 5 years ago (as badly as i wanted and needed it) if it were not for discovering Holosync, “truly”, but now ,even as i face my greatest challenge overcoming brain damage from multiple auto accidents, which makes learning and remembering very difficult, i am sure i can go the distance because i choose to not contemplate defeat. i`m sure there are others watching this video who are saying “sure i can learn and integrate the material but, how will i discover my labor of love”?I felt that way 5 years ago and, i still am looking for it, the difference is that back then i was looking in desperation, filled with fear and doubt, now i am at ease and curiously excited to see what it is and how it will be revealed to me, so lets get busy, with much gratitude.

John in West Sacramento, Ca

I so happen to be at a significant turning point in my life I can’t wait to see what having your advice at my side can do for the process Thank you!

Susanne Dibblee

Bill, I applaud you for your sense of realism. I thoroughly enjoyed the welcome video! You cited Napoleon Hill-which is fantastic! I have listened to and read the “12 Great Riches of Life” hundreds times-yet they have taken on a new spin hearing them from you! Bravo! I am very much looking forward to the rest of the course. Thank you for making it! Cheers!


Thank you so much for bringing me back to this course at exactly the right time! I got sidetracked by my definite major purpose which I said I would complete by 2014. I am so close to it now. I have found three companies to partner with. And had people who received funding from venture Capitol, other entrepreneurs, and kickstarter offering to help. Right now I am searching for grants because I feel most comfortable with that but if I have to go in another direction I will. So money is on my mind even more than when I started this course. I am so happy with my definite major purpose from my last course. I am completely focused on that and on my health. I lost over thirty pound and am making exercising hour a day six days a week part of my life. Thanks again.

Pam Salmon