"There is nothing between you and your dreams except stopping."

~ Bill Harris

A Life to Celebrate

1950 ~ 2018


Anyone who knew Bill Harris knew that he was a true Renaissance Man. 

His wit and humor reminded us of his extraordinary intelligence, as well as his gift for understanding the challenges we face as human beings.


Bill’s passions and accomplishments were vast. He was a nationally recognized jazz musician and composer, a private pilot, a Zen monk, and an amazing teacher and speaker. He was an entrepreneur, a true philanthropist, a loving father and so much more.


Perhaps what Bill was best known for was the development of The Holosync Solution™, a powerful brain entrainment and mediation program that has been used by people the world over.


Though he is greatly missed, Bill’s legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of millions of people whose lives he touched and inspired.

~ Centerpointe Team

Remembering Bill Harris

There are no words that can say how much I admired and relied on Bill's advice & knowledge. I would love to have met him, but feel grateful to have known him as it was.

With love,

~ Maggie

I feel a wave of sadness running through my body, heart and soul. I think of my own Holosync experience. I think of the hundreds of hours my wife spent with Bill’s lectures. The many conversations she had with our 16 year old daughter about Bill’s teachings. The inspirations this brought into our family life. 

~ Dr. Hermann K.

I’m very appreciative of all the good Bill has done in the world.

Much love to you and your family.
~ Elena A.

Bill was one of important things on my journey. It hurts me to hear he is not more among us. Thank also to his program, I now know that this life and endings are not so as we imagine it, but still, on this bottom life level it hurts. On some other level all is well.

May you all be well

~ Tomislav

I have used Holysync for thirty years now and I feel very connected to Centerpointe. I think that is because of Bill.
Thank you to Bill spirited self and soul for being part of my journey. 

Warm Regards,
~ Sue 

Bill was such a special gift to the world and I am blessed to have my life touched by his teachings.

All my love,
~ Vanessa

My deepest sympathies.  I am in shock at the news.  I would've never imagined that Bill was ill.  I've been following Bill since the 80's.  Unfortunately,  I did not have the opportunity to meet him personally but always felt as if I had.   Bill will be greatly missed. 

~ Patty H.

I am so sorry for your loss .

Your father was always answering my email and I have all his replay and letters saved in my email history .

Your father has improved my life in such an amazing powerful way .

What he taught is great stuff and helped me overcome huge obstacles. 

Live and I wish he rest in peace .

~ Baha

Bill was an inspiration to me and Holosync was a lifeline to me back in 2007 when I sent for the demo track.

From being severely depressed due to financial pressure my life was changed almost overnight and I continued until the end of the course - about 10 years. .Best thing I ever did.

~ Cardi B.

I started HoloSync around Christmas time this past year. I am extremely hopeful and believe in the product. Bill, what a great man!!! Truly has made a mark on the world! I wish you  all the love in the world to help you get through your grief. 

~ Jeanne

Bill was a great man, I did not ever get to meet him, which I hoped I would one day . I don’t have much money myself but managed to get some of his material , but I just wish all he had taught and produced was mandatory in all nursery’s, schools and places of learning and that all politicians spent 1 hour a day using Bills material the work would truly be a much better place .

~ Roy U.

Through Bill's work, I will continue to thrive because of  Holosync. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~ Carol R.

Bill will be missed... I've been reading his emails and participating in the materials and listening to Holosync for years.

~ Yvonne G.

I only knew Bill through his posts and emails but I always felt I knew something of him through my meditation. I have not been a HS user for very long but I can say that I love the program and am well aware of the amazing gift that Bill gave the world through his work. I am saddened by his loss. 

~ Susan S.

I am very sad to hear of the passing of Bill.  I never did get to meet him, but his voice and his lessons resonate in my life every day.  I try as much as I can to ‘let whatever happens to be ok’.  But most of all, I can always hear Bills’ voice say ‘don’t focus on what you don’t want, focus on what you do want and that will come into your life.’  Those may not be his exact words, but that idea that he planted in me more than a decade ago has made a big difference in my life.

I will never forget Bill and I’m glad that his lessons will always be with us. 


~ Michael L.

Bill changed my life forever and I'll never forget that.

~ Linda W.

I went to one of Bill's retreats a few years back and have been a Holosync user for many years now.  Bill was amazing and worked with me personally at the retreat as well as making us all laugh incredibly.  

Bill was an incredibly person who achieved incredible things, he will be sorely missed.

Kindest Regards,

~ Susan

I Am very sorry to  hear of his passing.  I did know that he was a good man trying to help many!! I will miss him even though I barely knew him.  I got his emails frequently.

My condolences to all his family and friends!

~ Suzanne L.

I never met him, but have been inspired by his books and videos.

~ Tammy B.

He was an inspiring man and will be sorely missed by me and many others.

~ Richard

Bill left a legacy of greatness, and we will miss him

~ Gord C.

I'm so surprised, and sorry, to hear that Bill Harris has left us. As with so many others, I know I'm not the first to say 'he changed my life'. But I want you to know,.. he really did.

~ Swan S.

I have been so impressed with Bill's innovations and desire to help people.

I am saddened by everyone's loss and am grateful that he planned for the future and allowed others' to succeed and pursue their dreams.

~ Janet H.

I was amazed at the fact that the tears would come so quickly for someone I had never actually met, but that is the impact Bill had on people like me. I have been in his cd/digital audience for many years and Bill was always positive uplifting and sure we , the people he wanted to help,  could do what needed to be done in our lives. He helped us by giving us ways to approach and the tools to accomplish our endeavors. My heart breaks that he is gone from this earth.


~ Virginia F.

I have been part of the Holosynch family for about 4 years.

I was drawn by Bill's unstoppable encouragement to be free of everything that holds us

back, the knowns, the unknowns (hidden but felt), worries and fears that creep in from 

everyday living and more.

His message was always warm and mentoring... you don't have to live with any of that... it is not who you are...   and not who you are meant to be!

When I first started listening, I was amazed how deep the Holosynch vibrations reach. The relief felt was surprisingly rapid and never tiring.  I turn it on when I work and leave it on for the day. Keeps me company in a calm, nurturing way. And when I want a deeper dive, yes, I use it when meditating or taking a nap.

It is easy to understand how you can truthfully relate that Bill helped millions of people around the world!

I truly believe that passing is simply the release of our current "clothes" that need renewal, and that the

soul is eternal, alive and well to expand in wisdom and application of his Love that is also eternal. It never

dies or even dissipates.  You can be assured he is and will always be with every one, all the time, at the same time to guide and assist.

I send blessings to Bill and all of his family who feel such a great void, and yet so gifted with the grace of Bill's very being.


~ Margot M.

I first started Holosync in 2007, soon becoming an Inner Circle member - due to inheriting some money from a beloved relative.

I have now completed all the levels.

Bill has enabled so many people to transform their lives through meditation & what a legacy to leave the World.

As the saying goes- Be Well.

Love & blessings,

~ Jilly

I've been listening to Holosync since about 1990-91when the program was produced on cassette tapes. Bill was a major influence on my life, along with Krishnamurti and Ken Wilber.

My deepest regards,

~ Michael W.

I have been with Bill and Holosync for more than 10 years, since The Secret was released. 

He is responsible for helping me meditate consistently and change my life. I feel like I've lost a mentor and friend today.

But we are so blessed that Bill Harris unselfishly gave the world his AMAZING gifts and love!

Thank you, Bill, you will be missed.

​Many blessings and much love,

~ Charlene T.

I don´t know Bill personally. But I noticed, that he was a great Zen Monk, ready to support people where he could. His passion left imprint on the whole institute and all over the world. 

~ Susan S.

Like Steve Jobs, Bill's technology has changed the way I live for the better, such that I can't imaggine life before it.

I once emailed your Bill that "completing holosync was the second most important tool to my spiritual growth, and my only regret is that more people don't try it when I share it with them."

He fell for my NLP and asked what the most important tool was😎... and while there was an honest answer which I shared, I later FB messaged him that I had reconsidered and decided holosync was in fact #1, after visiting many who had practiced the original #1 and seeing that holosync probably was what allowed me to continue making progress when my fellow students were reaching dead ends...

His family is blessed to have a father whose legacy is working on himself in such a way that others were better able to improve themselves as well. I still hope to achieve as much in my own life. 

~ Jason J.

I am so sorry ... I know nothing is eternal in this Universe except the soul, but my tears are at all honest, as he was extremely warm, attentive and hope giving friend for me ... he managed to color my life offering me the wonderful imaginings ... he had been such a big influencer for me, when I needed it truly much ... he proceeded to donate to me an AIDS awareness charity as the cheers, with the significant warmth and the flourishing spirits through the Internet ... thanks him for those bright feelings, emotions ...

 God Will Brighten His Kind Soul forever!!!

I agree with you ... I had felt, that he really had been an extraordinary and too lovely person ... I met him, only once and the last, in New York, in the Carnegie Hall, at Bob Proctor’s 80th Anniversary, last year ... I am so sorry!!! My pain, remorseful words are real and too natural ... I am a Georgian Christian woman ... my spirit, feeling and hidden sense comes from my tidy soul! ... He had been so earnest to me, as if I really took a place under his powerful wings, God Bless HIM!!!

 I shall profoundly miss his smile!

~ Mzia L.

Bill changed my life after I watched him from the Secret. I will always be grateful that he was a part of my life. 

~ Nicky K.

The breadth of information I have learned from Bill opened me to a new world.  From  NLP, Alan Watts, Napoleon Hill, and Ken Wilber, to alternate nostril breathing, purifying the diet, bioenergetics and a thousand other things, he really got me started on taking control of my life.  I could feel how much he cared for his listeners.   I remember when he cried during one of the LPIP lessons, it was moving. I thought he was really funny too!  The Awakening Prologue package of Holosync plus all kinds of amazing info in the support materials gave me some great structure when I first began to change my life.  I feel really fortunate to have stumbled onto that Holosync ad on a meditation web page  in 2006.  I wish you and your family the best during this difficult time.


~ Andrew H.

I have been a Centerpointe client for many years and during that time I came to trust and respect whatever Bill Harris had to say on any topic that he chose to write about.  He was intelligent, logical, thought-provoking, very much a teacher. 

~ Sydney H.

Bill's life was a testament to how much a person with an interest in self development and a desire to contribute to others can contribute.  He impacted my life at a time when I desperately needed a new focus and his Holosync program helped me move forward even though we never met.

Thank you to Bill, who gave me so much.


~Ellen P.

Bill was my neighbor back when we were just kids.. I have fond memories of both he and David... When I started kindergarten my mom would pay him 5 cents a day to make sure I got to school ok. He was 7 and I was 5.. he shared with me only a few years ago that my dad was the one who was got him into playing the sax   He would come over and my dad would let him play his dad and the clarinet too.
So many memories of he and his family back in the day.

Rest my friend.
~ Sara K.

I did not know Bill Harris at all personally, but I continue to listen to his voice on my meditations and talks.  I found this company haphazardly at a very low point in my life. Bill, has helped me in my own healing journey.  Please be well.

Thank you.


~ Karen L.

I just wanted to say Bill and Centerpointe have been part of my life for a long time ...some 15 or so years I think. With its help it has enhanced and deepened my own meditation practices but as a Dr of Clinical Psychology I have had the opportunity to pass on information about Holosync to a number of people who have personally benefited. In one case I believed it actually ‘saved’, this person’s life.

~ Rosmarie S.

This is the time to go inward and reflect on Life and Death, which are both on the same coin.

Bill was a gifted, generous man, who helped so many with his Holosync creation.

~ Hedy L. 

I will miss Bill.  He was always helpful, optimistic and very kind.

May he rest in peace!

~ Romeo J. D.

Bill's legacy will long live on through the tens of thousands of lives he deeply touched and transformed !!!!

With Love light and Love,
~ Howard 

RIP BILL HARRIS god speed& god bless💕❤💕thank you

~ Page S.

I’m very sorry to hear about the passing of Bill Harris. I’m a long time user of the Holosync program. I’m still listening to my CDs and I’m grateful to Mr. Harris for the creation of this program. The program was a great help to me.

~ Carole

My personal condolences to all his family and co workers for the loss. I hope you find all of the support and encouragement you need to move forward with the fine work Bill started. I am a loyal fan of his work and hope that it carries on for a very long time moving forward.

Be well, good luck and carry on.

~ Ana H.

I "accidentally" found out about Holysync (can't remember how many years ago, now). I was having  a very rough time with my M.S. and other losses in my life.  Though I never met him, he gave me hope that I could learn to better deal with life and not only "deal" but pursue opportunities I wanted to again pursue.

I will always be grateful for the gifts Bill was willing to share with others.


~Karen R.

Bill's work has been very important in my life - both Holosync and the LPIP - and has helped me transition to being a happier, calmer, and much more fulfilled person.

~ Karen

Bill Harris and Centerpointe helped me find the strength to grow during a difficult time in my life, I will be forever grateful for that. Using Holosync and the LPIP online course helped me to find my own strength. 

~ Shane U.

Through Bill I discovered enlightenment and I am grateful.

~ Angela

Bill has been an inspiration for me for many many years. 


~ Joe M. M.

I never met him, but how I wish that I did. I am just one of his students, but I have come to revere him, for he gave me so much hope.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Be Well,

~ Solomon N.

Bill will be dearly missed by many. He has done a great service to the world. I believe his Cd"s helped me more than anything I ever tried to overcome depression. Wonderful man. May he rest in peace and journey on to new worlds and new adventures. 


~ Lucas R.

Holosync and your Bill's words helped me in my life when I didn’t think there was any hope or anywhere to turn.  I never met him personally, but my life is happy, calm, and purposeful now because of him.  

~ Lisa S.

I feel fortunate I've come across Holosync and other modalities Bill introduced us to. It makes a solid difference in my life and the lives of many others as well.

Therefore, I can only express my gratitude and best wishes...

And yes, as Bill would say, (in my heart I'm saying it to him): 

Be Well

Respectfully and Warmly,

~ William

I started with Centerpointe 10+ years ago, after listening to Bill -- I don't even remember where.  His passion for Holosync, and his continuing dedication to improving the products for everyone who chose to be enriched by what he had learned and wanted to share were truly inspiring, and will continue, I am sure, for many many years to come.  I know I will continue on my journey far more enlightened and peaceful with the tools I have access to through Centerpointe.

~ Max K.

I first “met” Bill Harris at a function with Dr. Joe Vitale in Austin Texas and have been a reader and customer ever since. It was “ordinary, BUT visionary” people like him that introduced me to a way of living few people get to hear about. I am very grateful that I was exposed to his work that has changed my life along the way.


~ Karen

I am in complete shock about this news, even though I never met Bill personally. I always thought I would.

Holosync was a fantastic foundation for my development. I still use the Dive from time to time. And I know it was instrumental in getting my downloads regarding a more advanced sound healing over a decade ago. Something I am devoted to doing now.

Somehow I thought I would be able to share my sounds with him one day and tell him: You helped me do this!

~ Jana M.

He, and Holosync, have made an a massive difference to my life. I very much enjoyed reading his emails and books. A great man indeed.

~ Sharon K.

Bill’s teachings, including Centerpoint and life transformation courses changed my life and I am for ever grateful to have had him be part of my life.

Thank you,

Love and Gratitude

~ Denis B.

I am a nurse and Holosync helped to manage anxiety during a long career. This is a wonderful tribute to Bill and those who were with him over the years. Bill graced the world. 

~ Brenda H.

A decade ago I lived in a dark world. Life was agony. Then I got a holosync CD. And suddenly I experienced a spark of light. To be lifted out of that darkness for even a moment was incredible. 

Eventually I got the holosync series. I'm about to get the 3rd CD. My life now has joy! I don't live in a dark world anymore. Thanks to the Lord and your Bill.

~ Tiana J.

As a wellness business owner, I don't listen to any of the gurus out there because of the lack of substance... Bill Harris, was an exception and I enjoyed reading his material.  

~ Luis A.

I have been using Holosync for over 10 years and I am up to Flowering 2.  I am very thankful for Bill’s pioneering work with this great meditation technology.  I met Bill in LA at a weekend with Bill and Genpo.  Bill had shaved his head and was deep into his Zen journey.  His commitment to personal transformation was an inspiration to me.  May he rest in peace.

~ Lloyd S.

Bill was a gem of a man and a soul that operated purely out of love.

~ Gail W.

Bill was a great man who will live forever in the hearts of the millions who loved and admired him.

~ Patricia

I never met Bill but read a lot of his writing. He was a bright light in this sometimes very dark world. Holosync has been a God Send. He will be missed.

~ James M.

I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear of Bill's passing. For me, Holosync was groundbreaking, and it was Bill's work with Centerpointe that introduced me to the world of brainwave entrainment. I personally had several breakthroughs with the Holosync program, so I just wanted to say "thank you" and that I feel sad that Bill has passed away.

My best regards,

~ Justin Leary

My deepest condolences in the passing of your Father, Bill. I don’t usually discuss my personal journey Bill has taken me on, but I was telling a newly met friend of his wondrous method to change my life, just last night. I also told my new friend how I got into Bill’s methods. It started when I was transferred to... Port Byron, Illinois. I stared there as a project manager and was promptly handed around 20 projects that were floundering and expected me to correct all of the sins of the past with these projects and finish them successfully. As you can imagine I was buried in work and the stress was unbearable. I had to find relief. This was in 1999/2000. I got online and found your Bill's  Centerpointe company and started the Dive and the first couple of tapes. Not only did that calm me down and reduce the stress considerably, it also opened my mind to fully satisfy all of the requirements of those projects and complete them successfully. I went on from there to create successes in the Nuclear Power Generation Project Management field and retired as the Subject Matter Expert in the industry. If it was not for Bill and his remarkable product, I know the ending would not have been pretty for me. I have witnessed many succumb to the pressures of that environment. God bless you and your family and please continue to help others in their journey in this life. I’m now retired and at your Level 4 in my quest for spiritual growth. 

~ Anonymous

Bill provided so much wisdom and inspiration through his emails (which I loved receiving), and his other programs. 

~ Suzanne

Bill Harris’s Centerpointe changed my life for the immense better, as well as two of my sister’s. I surely would not have been able to cope as well as I have if not for him, his company and your whole team.

~ Theresa C.

I knew your father thru his books, videos, teleconferences & 2 retreats in California.

I am a lifetime member of Centerepointe.  Bill could explain anything in terms that the average person could understand.  He was very busy at the two retreats I attended at Glen Ivy, yet

he had time to talk to you or a small group.    During some of my daily trips with Holosync, I found out that I could soar like an eagle...

Bill was just fantastic.


Bill, has never been grounded.  His passing has let him be free and do whatever he wishes.  His now a totally EAGLE_SOARING_FREE to me.


Just think of how many people he helped.  What an impact!!


~ Jim S.

Bill was a pioneer, a passionate believer of life, and living it with integrity, respect, compassion and selflessness.

When I listened to his videos, it was as if, a father figure and friend was talking to me one on one.  Having never met Bill personally but his words were an elixir of wisdom and encouragement to me. 


~ Eddie R.

​I have used Holosync for over two years and feel it has made a great difference in my life. I feel much stronger and calmer, and I now realize what it means to choose my attitudes and my approach to life. One of my great self affirmations is ‘I am able to choose.’ I am a happy person, who enjoys meditating daily. I have read Bill’s books and looked forward to his newsletters and e-mails. He was a great inspiration in my life and his work has enabled me to strive for reaching my goals of physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and financial abundance in my life. This is leading me to even greater fulfillment and happiness.


~ Bob D.

Photos of Bill

People came from all over the country to join Bill’s family and celebrate the extraordinary life of their colleague, mentor, and friend. 

When the Unstoppable Foundation was just an idea, Bill Harris was there. Watch this incredible tribute to Bill’s kindness, dedication, and generosity of spirit.

Bill’s daughter offers a powerful retrospective of Bill’s life, from the vantage point of a young woman’s love and loss.

For decades, people all over the world have been writing, emailing, and posting their tremendous appreciation of Bill’s work, and his profound impact on their lives.

Listen in on some personal stories from Bill’s many students, followers and friends, whose lives were made better for having known him.

A look back at the day we joined Bill’s family and said goodbye to our teacher, mentor, and friend.

If you would like to contribute your own testimonials of how Bill has changed your life, please email: supported@centerpointe.com