How to Get “Unstuck” About Money & Success

Issue #398 – Monday, November 13, 2023

By Bill Harris

I often hear people say that they are not having success attracting into their lives the things they have been focusing on, even though they’ve changed their internal beliefs and attitudes on the matter…

...and are making positive internal changes (mostly through meditation).

My first intuition, or educated guess, is that they are waiting for something different to “happen.”

And despite all the dreaming, journaling, visualizing, praying, meditating, wishing, talking (and talking and talking) about it…

man sitting on a beach writing in journal

…they’ve seen no tangible results.

The Law of Attraction seems to be failing them.

If this describes you, I would ask you to consider shifting your perspective. Consider the decisions you are making, the things you are DOING in your life that DON’T support your goals.

Shifting Perspectives

Procrastination is the great killer of dreams.

Everything you do that detracts from your dreams is a decision, something that you DO INSTEAD.

Here’s another idea to consider:

You may be a bit split off from the part of you that needs to take action toward WHAT YOU WANT.

Meanwhile, some other part of you is waiting for the action, but you have the idea that the internal changes will somehow cause you to do something different.

In a way, this strikes me as a variety of magical thinking.

Instead of doing something, instead of DECIDING to act with a certain outcome in mind…

…you’re waiting for yourself to somehow automatically act with purpose without making a personal decision to do so.

Can you see why I see two different parts of you: One that procrastinates, and another that watches and hopes the other part will somehow change his ways?

It’s as if you’re saying to someone, some part of yourself (I’m not sure who, but someone other than plain old you):

“Motivate me. Make me do something. Make me act.”

You’re split off from yourself, or at least you think you are.

The outcome you want, in which you make more money, feel better about yourself, and live a more fulfilling life, is going to be the result of something you do - of actions you take, of decisions you make.

There’s no one else to do it.

Grappling With Yourself

In each moment, you make decisions about what to think, what to focus on, what to pay attention to, and how to act. For most people, these decisions about thinking, focusing, and acting, largely happen unconsciously and without clear intention.

When you watch this stuff operate unconsciously it does seem like some other part of you is acting while the “real you” watches (and feels bad).

This is very common. I see it all the time, and I used to do it, too.

Quite a lot of people are living on autopilot and feel split off from themselves.

When I speak in front of groups, I often ask the group what they want or need from me, what problems they are having, what isn’t working. The most common answer is a version this:

They know what to do, but somehow can’t get themselves to do it. Or, they just don’t really believe that “doing it” is going to work anyway, so why bother.

So, what can you do?

Reworking the Internal Map

The most fundamental thing is to learn to be in charge of your mind (what I call your Internal Map of Reality).

What I’m really asking you to do, is to go inside and watch your internal processes so you can very clearly see how YOU are running your mind, so you can find out exactly what YOU do inside and how it creates each feeling or other internal state.

Learn how it generates each behavior, how it leads to each meaning you place on a thing or event and how it creates or leads to each person or situation you attract or become attracted to.

Once you see the direct connection between what you do inside and what you feel, how you behave, and what you attract or are attracted to, and also see that you have been doing all of this AUTOMATICALLY, without conscious intention, then you are in a position to run this internal creative process consciously and intentionally.

Once you can do that, you can create, attract, or do ANYTHING.

Mastering yourself, though, takes a bit of work because it involves really looking at what you do inside, and most people have never opened the lid and looked at what’s going on inside.

It also involves taking charge, taking the reins of your mind…

...and doing something different in order to get a different result.

Most people want a different result but without actually changing what they are doing.

For instance, to get a different result financially:

-You have to believe something different than what you believe now…

-You also have to focus your mind in a different way, on something different that what you’re focusing on now…

-You have to think different thoughts…

-You might have to adopt different values (in other words, what is important to you may have to change)

-Focus on what you want regarding your values, rather than focusing on what you want to avoid regarding each value…

-You have to make different decisions…

-You have to take different actions, in other words, behave in a different way…

Making the Change

And, as I said, you have to stop waiting for change in these areas to “happen,” and instead decide to make it happen…

...“be the change.”

Burn this into your brain.

There is no other way to accomplish something in the world. No other way. 

married couple smiling about their finances

 Right now, you are getting the results you’re experiencing because they are the direct result of the way you are currently thinking and acting.

To get different results, that way of thinking and acting has to change. There is no other way.

You cannot continue to do what you’re doing now.

If you continue to do what you’re doing now, you will continue to get the same results, because there is a certain way of thinking and acting that will get you any particular outcome you want…

...but you have to find it and be willing to adopt it.

You’re getting what your current way of thinking and acting creates.

Decide to find and adopt the way of thinking and acting that will bring you anything you want.

You can do this, I promise.

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