Making Your Own Luck

What is “luck” anyway? 

And is there anything you can really do to create more luck in your life?

That’s the topic of this month’s LIVE CoachingCast… 

…which we’ve transformed into a Mini Manifestation Masterclass! 

You’ll learn the secrets behind how to “make your own luck” and then use that luck to turn your hopes, your dreams, and your imagination into real tangible results.

So please join us on Thursday, March 14 at 12:00PM PT (3:00PM ET) as we dive into the power of luck, the secret ingredients of TRUE manifestation, and how you can tap into this special power that’s already deep within you.

We’ll be opening the floor so you can ask questions or share your own experiences as well!

AND we’ll also reveal how you could win some fun prizes!

(Like a FREE Pair of CRI-500 Earbuds!)

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