The Doorway of Light (a Healing & Acceptance Exercise)

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Issue #412 – Monday, February 26, 2024

The Doorway of Light
An Exercise in Forgiveness and Acceptance

By Marc Gilson

I’ve been coaching here at Centerpointe for over 27 years now.

And through all this time that I’ve been working with our Centerpointe Members on their own personal growth journeys, I’ve noticed something.

You see, there’s one particular concept that I find really brings about the most growth and development and makes massive shifts in a person’s quality of life - no matter who they are or what they’ve gone through.

This one idea can be a real game-changer when it comes to healing the pain, frustration and suffering that continuously get in the way of living a happy, fulfilled life.

I’m talking about…


Resistance and Acceptance

Out of all the different techniques, mantras and exercises that I’ve walked folks through, the ones that focused on “acceptance” are the ones that I’ve found are most effective when it comes to the process of healing unresolved mental and emotional material.

This means old trauma, emotional wounds, grief, loss, and more.

Simply put, acceptance is the most effective response to resistance. Resistance - as Bill used to say - is the root cause of all suffering, after all.

This is especially true when we resist the things that we can’t change. Things like the past. Things like reality. If you resist something being the way it is, and there is no way to change it, then the only result is pain, stress, and struggle.

I’ve seen so many folks suffering simply because they were stuck resisting something that was out of their control. Heck - I was one of those people for a while!

Acceptance neutralizes resistance and clears the way for the release of old baggage that might be holding us back.

When it comes to liberating ourselves from the chains of our own compulsions, addictions, dysfunctions, toxic beliefs, etc., acceptance is the key. It enables us to transform that seemingly dark and dangerous internal material into healthy, life-affirming energy. 

Acceptance and Forgiveness

There’s one area of our lives in particular that I think requires the most attention in terms of applying acceptance: our relationships with other people and with ourselves.

man and woman embracing in sadness

Specifically, I’m talking about forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a form of acceptance, of giving up a resistance to the past or to giving up on an “alternative present” that doesn’t exist and will never exist.

So today I wanted to share a technique that you can use to experience the power of acceptance and forgiveness in terms of relationships.

All you'll need is about 20 minutes of quiet, distraction-free meditation time. This technique is simple, but can be very powerful emotionally.


The Doorway of Light Exercise

Begin by standing up and taking a few deep, cleansing breaths, inhaling and exhaling through your nose slowly and deeply. Shake out any physical tension in your arms and legs, and breathe out any mental tension you may sense. Put all mental or emotional concerns aside for the time being.

Now, sit down and begin meditating. You can listen to a Holosync soundtrack or do any other kind of meditation (I recommend listening to Quietude).

Sit for a while, with eyes closed, and allow yourself to settle into a relaxed state. Release any tension in and around your eyes and mouth, shoulders, legs, and back.

When you feel ready, begin to visualize an open doorway before you.

Use your imagination; it can be a large or small door, as long as it's big enough to walk through. All is dark and calm, except for a warm, bright light emanating from outside the doorway in front of you. You can see no details through the doorway; only the warm, bright light coming through the door.

When you feel ready, think of someone - either a friend or family member - and visualize them emerging from the bright light and stepping into the doorway. Imagine them smiling, and at peace. Visualize them as being happy, and pleased to see you.

Make the image as clear as you can, but don't worry about specific details as much as simply developing a clear sense of the presence of the individual you're thinking of. You might see them wearing clothing you know they are fond of. Or you might get a sense of them engaged in an activity important to them. Whatever helps to enhance the visualization.

Make no judgments about their appearance or about them personally. Simply accept their presence in the doorway of light.

As they step through the doorway and stand before you, smiling and happy, offer them your own personal blessing of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. You need not imagine yourself speaking to them or doing anything in particular - just mentally send them these feelings of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Then, after extending this blessing to them, allow them to walk away from the doorway. They may move back into the light, or walk off to the side of the door. Be sure to let them go only after you feel you have bathed them in your love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Bring another person to the door. Follow the same procedure of offering them your blessing of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Bring as many people through the door as you can. You can include people you are only remotely acquainted with, as well as those who have passed away.

You may also include people you don't necessarily get along with in life; those who have hurt you in some way, or those you don't particularly like. In each instance, visualize them as happy and peaceful, and then send them your feelings of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Recognize each individual as being worthy of being loved and accepted regardless of whether the nature of your relationship with that individual has been loving or strained.

If you notice any tension developing as a reaction to your attempts to convey your loving feelings to any of the people you visualize, take a moment to accept those challenging feelings, and release them.

In some cases, you may not feel entirely successful or capable of offering certain people this blessing. That's okay. Extend your love toward them as much as possible, and then move on.

But bring those difficult people through the doorway again during future sessions and continue to expand your ability to fully bathe them in your love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

human walking through a doorway of light

As you complete this parade of people stepping from the light and through the doorway, finish the session by visualizing yourself stepping through. See yourself in a happy state, peaceful and content. Extend your blessing of love, acceptance, and forgiveness to yourself just as you did with the others. Allow as much time as necessary to see yourself there in the doorway of light, and convey your deepest feelings of love toward yourself.

When you are ready, slowly take several deep breaths, and end the meditation. 


There can be a variety of reactions to this simple technique.

Regardless of how many times you use this method, you can expect each time to be somewhat different in terms of the immediate effects on your mental and emotional state. But I’ve found that the aftereffects of this exercise are usually quite powerful and profound.

Through continued use of this method, you'll find yourself developing a new openness to others and to yourself. You'll find that relationships improve, and your sense of self worth becomes stronger.

I wanted to end by sharing a brief comment from someone who recently tried this technique:

"Since I started using that Doorway of Light visualization I'm finally starting to see myself as a loving person. I have never really felt capable of showing love, and now I am showing it in all my relationships. People wonder what's up with me. It seems like during the meditation I'm much more open than I can be in real life. I still cry my eyes out every time I do it, but it feels so cleansing. It's like an angelic experience and I am finally seeing how much love I really have inside!"

A Quick Word on Quietude

By the way, you might have noticed that I recommended the Quietude soundtrack to listen to while doing the Doorway of Light exercise.

Quietude is a free soundtrack included with Awakening Prologue - the first level of the Holosync Solution Program. I’ve found that it’s the perfect length and gets you into the best mental state for this exercise.

You can learn more about Awakening Prologue right here.

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Wise Words

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Thank you so very much for the 5 Day Challenge… I have been working on improving my meditation in the last few weeks, but there was a marked improvement in my focus and quietude of mind by day 3. There's a lot more that I noticed, but can't put it all here. What I do know for sure is my good mood is highly elevated and I just feel so calm in KNOWING that I can get all my projects completed no matter what. So my sincerest thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to experience Holosync.
~Roz B.
5-Day Challenge Participant

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