How to Attract the Love You Desire (Love 101)

Issue #410 – Monday, February 12, 2024

By Bill Harris

I’ve noticed over the years that some people really look forward to Valentine’s Day. Some people dread it, and others ignore it as best they can.

Few and far between are the people who don’t even notice this day of hearts and candy.

Between Hallmark and diamond commercials, we’ve come to believe that if you’re not in a romantic relationship…

man sitting alone at table with single rose’re missing out on something.

While this isn’t true, it also begs the question about the state of our other relationships: our families, friends and co-workers.

Are those not based on love as well? Of course they are. (Or they should be, in my view.)

And what about those who are in romantic relationships, but …

…are beating their heads against the wall in frustration, communication gaps and thwarted desires?

If only we were given an instruction book for love in school! Love 101.

Unfortunately, love cannot be learned, intellectually, like your ABCs. No amount of book learning can teach you how to love…

…or to be loved.

For some people–I would dare say that for most people–learning to let love in, and to love oneself…

...are the hardest things of all.

The truth about relationships–and why you may be attracting the wrong person over and over again, or repelling people you want to attract–is this:

Your thoughts, actions and choices are driven by your past (often negative) experiences instead of your current desires for success.

You actually do many things in your life unconsciously.

The solution to attracting love is to stop making choices on autopilot—in other words, to begin doing them with awareness.

Why? Because awareness creates choice, and once you have a choice you’ll automatically do what best serves you and drop what doesn’t.
Your brain intuitively knows how to attract your deepest desires. It’s just that life––disappointments, losses, heartbreaks…

...have created feelings of fear and separation in your brain.

Your brain, in turn, shouts unconscious signals out to the world that you’re unavailable, undeserving or just plain uninterested.

Which is why you might find you are consistently attracting Miss Needy or Mister Wrong-in-Almost-Every-Way.

(Or some other version of exactly what didn’t work out the last time.)

I’ve heard people say they have “bad pickers.” But that’s not true. Your brain is attracting to you…

...exactly what you unconsciously feel you do–and don’t–deserve.

Fortunately, when you meditate with Holosync, your brain becomes more balanced …

… and you begin to see the world in terms of the oneness and connectedness of all things, and less as a place of tension and opposition and danger.

When you view the world as a place of infinite abundance––instead of scarcity... swirls through the Universe in a constant state of electromagnetic energy.

When your brain is consciously in tune to your deepest desires, you will automatically attract those things…

old couple sitting on a bench at the beach, money, success, like a magnet.

The love in your life is a reflection of how much you can love and trust, and that is a function of the health of your brain.

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Wise Words

old couple smiling in a convertible

Wow wow...I'm not going to lie I was anxious and skeptical about trying it...but let me tell you. It has me so relaxed and feeling majestic! Can't wait for day 2!
~Adrienne S.5-Day Challenge Participant

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By Ryan Standifird
January 22, 2024

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