How Less Can Be Much MORE (The Benefits of Decluttering)

Issue #394 – Monday, October 16, 2023

By David Bardes

There’s a counter-culture that’s been silently growing in popularity around the world.

I’ve noticed that more and more people are getting sick and tired of the constant “buy more now” culture…

…so they’re turning towards a minimalist lifestyle instead.

And while these trends seem like they are just now gaining steam, the idea is not new.

For example, the first step in creating a calm space with the Asian tradition of Feng Shui starts with a deep declutter.

The Swedish “Death Cleansing” process of getting all of your affairs in order also includes getting your possessions sorted so that your passing will not be a burden for your loved ones.

These powerful concepts have been around for thousands of years!

But you don’t have to wait until the end of your life to start unburdening yourself of the material chaos that affects you on both physiological and psychological levels.

In fact, you might be surprised that having less can actually give you more benefits.

Benefits like:

Increased productivity
More life satisfaction
Less depression
More happiness
Less cleaning
Less anxiety
More money
Less chaos
Better focus

…and much more!

In fact, those who have made the decision to declutter their lives report a clarity and lightness of being that were well beyond their expectations.

So let me ask you this:

If you are unhappy…

…what does your environment look like?

Our Modern Society of Stuff

Despite a growing appreciation for minimalism these days, excessive clutter is still on the rise.

You know, I recently toured some homes that were for sale. Many of the ones in my price range were bungalows built in the 40’s and 50’s.

To my surprise, there was so little storage space in these homes!

Apparently, tiny closets, and modest-sized bedrooms were all that were needed for a typical family just 70 years ago. And I noticed something else that was interesting.

The homes that were empty felt calm and an inviting place to live.

But the ones that still had people living there were filled with stuff and felt very cramped indeed!

I realized that the typical family in the 40’s and 50’s did not own a treadmill, a computer, a flatscreen TV, boxes of scrapbooking supplies, a microwave oven, or closets overflowing with clothes and shoes.

What we consider a normal amount of things in our 21st century homes would truly shock those raising a family in the middle of the last century.

How to Start Decluttering Your Home (& Your Mind)

Decluttering your home is like looking at yourself long and hard in the mirror. Be prepared and be brave!

Many of the items in our household are not just objects, but representations of shame and guilt. And a large part of the decluttering is the unburdening of these feelings so we can release our attachment to the item.

The treadmill is a fabulous example. It was likely purchased with the desire for a better and healthier self. It was expensive, but it seemed like a great way to boost the cardio and slim that waist.

But months later it is a repository for the laundry and a daily reminder that the desired health goals have not been reached.

They may not realize it, but the treadmill owner is probably beating themselves up each time they walk past it.

So how do we move on?

Returning to our treadmill example, understand that our desire for a better self is still valid, even if the item in our home is not serving us. And perhaps it was not the best of purchases, but now we know that a treadmill is not the solution we were looking for.

It is time for it to go!

Letting Go of Emotional Attachments

The attachment to other items may be less dramatic, but the attachment is still emotion-based. And our reluctance to let these things go often stems from unfinished projects and goals we have yet to accomplish.

It is OK not to accomplish every last thing we set out to do.

If you are not going to get around to it, be OK with not getting it done. Our goals and desires will change as we, too, change and grow.

And when you let go of that once-desired outcome, letting the clutter go will also be easier.

When you look over your possessions, do you tune in to anything that makes you feel badly, uneasy, or reluctant?

These are the items that have a negative impact on you and your environment. These are the items that you should consider for an emotional release and removal from your home or office.

Decluttering the Mind

Decluttering is not just for your physical space, but also your mental space.

So, how do you declutter the mind?

The first step is to take an inventory of those niggling little worries in the back of your head and put to rest the things that can be addressed with just a bit of effort and mindfulness.

Complete the “last will and testament” and “advanced directive” you’ve been putting off. Set up that retirement account and finally make a plan to resolve that credit card debt.

By taking care of these tasks that you’ve been procrastinating on, you’ll begin to notice that you have less and less “mental clutter” taking up valuable real estate in the back of your mind.

For a deeper mental clean, consider the following questions:

Which relationships or friendships are not serving you?

What are you doing or paying for that feels like an obligation and not coming from your own values?

Are you connecting with friends and family?

Are there boundaries in your relationships that need to be established or refreshed?

Oftentimes we don’t realize that these relationships and obligations take up mental space. So when we find that we aren’t connecting with our family as much as we want, when we feel forced to do or pay for things that don’t serve us, when our friendships create more stress than happiness…

…then it may be time to make a change.

It’s Tough to Change - But Worth it

Making these changes are not always easy - but the benefits to your mental and emotional health are so worth it!

Imagine coming home to a clean and serene home. A home that is welcoming to conversation and fellowship, of family time and sharing time with spouses and loved ones, and for meditation and contemplation.

Imagine an environment that doesn’t encourage deflection or distraction, the desire to make multiple trips to the fridge for comfort food or alcohol, the need to binge watch episodes of violence and bad behavior, or the mindless chatter of the TV droning on in the background.

Such an open and welcoming environment naturally nourishes mental wellness, and even physical benefits like a more stable blood pressure.

Imagine retiring to a bedroom that is peaceful, perhaps free of electronics, a room that honors deep sleep.

Imagine a bathroom or a closet that feels safe and is free from reminders of goals and desires not yet met.

Imagine a home free of junk mail, free stuff, and tchotchkes.

Imagine your mind free of sensory overload, reminders of bad feelings, and those little worries we suppress.

Imagine a calm mind, and a feeling of joyful stillness.

All of this can be yours after a deep decluttering.

Finally Getting Around to it

“But David, I can’t help it,” you might say. “I’m just a procrastinator and I always will be!”

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Wise Words

This Really Happened

All I can say is peace and stillness. A feeling I haven't felt in a long time.
~Raymond C.
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