Turning Purpose Into Power (So You Can Accomplish Anything)

Issue #406 – Monday, January 15, 2024

Definite Major Purpose Napoleon Hill on How to Accomplish Anything

by Bill Harris, Founder
Centerpointe Research Institute

Napoleon Hill was a great teacher to millions of people since his first book was published in 1925. Hill was also a tremendous inspiration to me. I read his book, Think and Grow Rich (which is among the 10 best selling self-help books of all time), dozens of times. Literally, dozens of times.

I want to share with you Hill’s insights on what he called “Definiteness of Purpose.”

Since Hill first published these ideas, millions of people have used them to become successful, and it’s said that Napoleon Hill and his philosophy…

...have created more millionaires than anyone else in history.

Definiteness of Purpose

So, with that background, let’s look at the first of Hill’s principles, that of Definiteness of Purpose.

What Hill was really noticing in all the successful people he studied was that each of them had decided on something, some purpose, upon which to focus their mind. I would like you, too, to begin looking for a definite purpose you can focus your mind on.

Hill said that adopting a Definite Major Purpose was the starting point of all achievement.

You don’t have to want to build a transcontinental railroad or invent the personal computer or have some huge goal. Your Definite Major Purpose should be what you want to do, large or small, or something in between.

old man working with soldering tools

Hill noticed that there are some very powerful advantages that you immediately gain when you adopt a definite purpose in life—that is to say when you focus your mind on something you really want and take action to get it.

Advantage #1: Positive Qualities

The first of these advantages is that you immediately begin to develop a number of positive and very useful qualities, including self-reliance, personal initiative, imagination, enthusiasm, self-discipline, and concentration of effort.

If you’ve ever wondered why certain people seem to have these qualities, and others don’t, you now know. Those who have these qualities have adopted a definite purpose. They have decided to focus their mind on the attainment of some purpose, and as soon as they do…

...all kinds of inner resources instantly become available.

When you focus your mind on something, the act of doing this makes what you focus on happen in reality. This is partly how that happens: Your mind becomes clearer, you become self-reliant, your imagination comes alive, and you gain enthusiasm and self-discipline.

Advantage #2: Specialized Knowledge

The second advantage of adopting a definite purpose and focusing your mind on it is that it encourages you to specialize and it attracts to you the specialized knowledge you need to attain your purpose.

When you focus on something you want, your mind sends out a kind of radar that attracts you to the information you need to help you get what you want.

As soon as you adopt your Definite Major Purpose, your mind begins to exhibit self-reliance.

-You begin to take personal initiative, you develop motivation

-Your imagination comes alive and seems to generate solutions to problems effortlessly

-You develop enthusiasm for what you’re doing, and you enjoy it more

-You develop self-discipline, and doing whatever needs to be done no longer seems like work

-You also develop concentration of effort and don’t get distracted by other possible uses of your time and resources

Advantage #3: Time and Money

The third advantage of adopting a Definite Major Purpose is that it induces you to budget your time and money and plan your daily affairs in such a way that leads to the attainment of your purpose.

You might even stop wasting your time watching Fear Factor and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and actually DO what will really make you into a millionaire…

...or anything else you want to be.

Advantage #4: Opportunities

The fourth advantage is that focusing your mind on a Definite Major Purpose makes your mind more alert to opportunities related to your purpose and gives you the courage to act on those opportunities when they appear.

When I first started Centerpointe, I was nervous about paying for the first 500 sets of Awakening Prologue, thinking, “What will I do with 500 sets of Awakening Prologue if this doesn’t work?”

But because I had a Definite Major Purpose, and my mind was focused on attaining it, I dared to go ahead and take action even though I was afraid.

Advantage #5: Making Decisions

In fact, the fifth advantage of having a definite purpose and focusing your mind on it is that it develops the capacity to reach decisions quickly and firmly.

Successful peop le make decisions as soon as enough facts are available and change them slowly, if ever.

And the reason they can make such decisions is that their mind is focused on what they want.

Many positive qualities, including decision-making will come to you, according to Hill’s research, just by adopting a definite purpose and focusing your mind on the attainment of that purpose.

Advantage #6: Cooperation

The sixth advantage of adopting a definite purpose is that doing so inspires the cooperation of others and attracts their favorable attention.

This is one of the keys to getting those with more resources and more pull to help you. 

mature friends playing tug-of-war

This is how I got Ken Wilber and Jack Canfield and many other well-known people to help me along the way. I had no more pull than you do with such people when I started, but my Definiteness of Purpose has somehow attracted these and other people to help me, over and over, as I’ve built Centerpointe.

The same thing will happen to you as you adopt a definite purpose. You will attract the favorable attention and cooperation of others.

Advantage #7: The Twelve Great Riches

But wait. There’s more. Definiteness of Purpose, according to Hill—and he should know—also brings to you what he calls The Twelve Great Riches of Life.

Those riches are:

A willingness to share one’s blessings
The capacity to understand people
Harmony in human relationships
An open mind on all subjects
The hope of achievement
A positive mental attitude
Sound physical health
The capacity for faith
Freedom from fear
Financial freedom
A labor of love

And who wouldn’t want all these powerful things!

Advantage #8: Faith

The eighth advantage, according to Hill, is the most important, and that is that Definiteness of Purpose prepares the mind for faith, which makes the mind positive, and…

...frees it from fear, doubt, discouragement, indecision, and procrastination.

You know you can create what you want, and when you think this way, nothing can stop you.

Advantage #9: Success Consciousness  

Finally, the ninth advantage is that Definiteness of Purpose provides you with a success consciousness and protects you from the influences of a failure consciousness.

Your mind becomes sold on succeeding and refuses to accept the possibility of failure.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think this is quite an impressive list of advantages, just for adopting a definite purpose and focusing your mind on attaining it. 

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This Really Happened

Day 5. Wow. I haven’t felt this well in some time. I actually slept for more than 3 hours without waking, and awoke with NO anxiety! I actually looked for it, and it wasn’t there. While listening to today’s session, I noticed how clear and crisp and precise my mind is feeling. It’s like having poor reception on the tv because you’ve had to use rabbit ears, and then getting cable. I feel empowered, and I’ve been doing and looking at and listening to things that I always “meant” to do but never got around to. Thank you so much for all of this, and for allowing me to see and understand that there’s a way for me!
~Glenys P.
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